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1.0 final released
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Yeehaa, Blogthon 1.0!!!

Just implemented the last features from my list. This is the cool new stuff:

* you can now tag your entries
* favicons can be placed in style folder
* possibility to add additional header lines in your style

Next release will be a bugfix release, so please report everything that sucks :).
And now get your copy of Blogthon here...

Regards, xeno
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1.0rc4 released
tags: release
I forgot to make an advertisement for 1.0rc3, so here are both 1.0rc3 and 1.0rc4:

New since 1.0rc3:
  • Using coding guidelines from
  • Rewrite of config parser code
  • Code cleanup
  • More beautiful error page

New since 1.0rc4 (this release):
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Removed all styles and add a clean default (styles will be distributed extra)
  • Switch to HTML5
  • Can run with Python3 now

Regards, xeno
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1.0rc2 released
tags: release
And a few days afer rc1 I like to introduce rc2. There are just changes in the background, like code cleanup and some minor fixes. Try it out, find bugs, report them, it looks like snow! Download as every time here...

Regards, xeno
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1.0rc1 released
tags: release
I'm proud to present a first release candidate of 1.0 (a whole year after I announced it *g*). So all I want to do from now is fixing bugs and cleaning up the code. Feel free to download it from here...

Regards, xeno
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RSS and W3C fixes
tags: release
There is a new tarball available in our download section that fixes two issues regarding RSS and W3C. Check it out :)

Regards, xeno
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